Lee County elections office ensures voting machines are accurate

Voting machines for early voting and Election Day are being tested in Lee County Monday. It’s a long-term process to make sure machines are working properly. “We don’t want any glitches during the election,” said Tommy Doyle, Lee County’s supervisor of elections. “We’re always gonna be ready for something.” The canvassing board for Lee County […]

Lee County’s supervisor agrees with basic message of USPS election letter

The United States Postal Service is sending out a letter explaining how to complete a ballot, but a Colorado court ordered the agency to stop sending them after state officials felt it was sending out false statements. WINK News spoke with Tommy Doyle, Lee County’s supervisor of elections, about the authenticity of the USPS mail […]

Lee County supervisor of elections says mail-in ballots are secure

One week into early voting, more than 1.7 million Floridians have cast ballots ahead of the Aug. 18 primary election. Tommy Doyle, the Lee County supervisor of elections, is often asked if mail-in ballots are safe, secure, and will be counted. The short answer from him is yes. “So behind here is our ballot vault […]