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SWFL eagle eggs watched for imminent hatch; pip seen on one egg

The eggs of eagles Harriet and M15 might hatch Friday, as a pip was unmistakably spotted on one egg at 12:32 p.m. Southwest Florida Eagle Cam reported on its Twitter account Friday morning that a pip might have formed on one egg from a hatchling pecking at the inside. Harriet laid the eggs in her […]

BABY EAGLET! The first of two eagle eggs have hatched at North Fort Myers nest

Pip, pip, hooray! A tiny eaglet just hatched from its shell. E14 hatched from the egg while Harriet the Eagle was sitting along its side. You can watch live from the nest in North Fort Myers, home to Southwest Florida’s celebrity couple, Harriet and her partner, M-15. They’re taking turns warming their eggs. We spoke […]