Some financial tools to refinance a home. (Credit: MGN)

Most Americans couldn’t cover a $1,000 financial emergency, survey finds

Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans have enough money set aside to cover an unexpected $1,000 expense, such as a trip to the ER or car repairs, according to a new survey. The nationwide poll, conducted in December by Bankrate and released Monday, illustrates the widespread economic insecurity following the coronavirus pandemic, which has magnified a sharp […]

Small businesses may soon find relief as feds move to revive Paycheck Protection Program

For Nancy Sinoway, a second coronavirus relief loan would increase the chances that her dressmaking business will survive. “I could use it for marketing, for new samples. I could use it as a lifeline,” said Sinoway, who designs and makes dresses for occasions like weddings and proms. She was flooded with order cancellations starting in early […]

A bleak outlook for millions facing cutoff of US jobless aid

Tina Morton recently faced a choice: Pay bills — or buy a birthday gift for a child? Derrisa Green is falling further behind on rent. Sylvia Soliz has had her electricity cut off. Unemployment has forced aching decisions on millions of Americans and their families in the face of a rampaging viral pandemic that has […]

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach packed for holiday weekend

Packed beaches are exciting for businesses, especially since the pandemic has made it difficult for them. People from out of town were out on Fort Myers Beach Saturday enjoying the weather and the lighter COVID-19 restrictions. Danielle Chastaine is from Indiana. “This beach is unbelievable!” Michael Schmitz didn’t have to travel as far, since he […]

pumpkin pie

Lehigh Acres Rotary club offers food and company for Thanksgiving

The Rotary Club of Lehigh Acres handed out hot meals to people who had to spend Thanksgiving alone because of the pandemic. For the 700 people getting those meals, they say they’re beyond thankful for the food and company. Instead of gathering with family, Lehigh Acres residents spent their time in a drive-thru. But for […]

LeeCARES round three starts Monday

LeeCARES round three starts on Monday, November 30. The county started online applications Nov. 30 and will end them Dec. 11 for round three. The program will consist of three rounds of application periods. Round 1: October 19-30, 2020 Round 2: November 2-27, 2020 Round 3: November 30-December 11, 2020 LeeCARES programs were extended to […]