Expert says Elsa destroyed hundreds of sea turtle nests in Collier County

Southwest Florida sea turtle nests were washed away after Elsa passed along the coast of the region, and county leaders are checking the status and the damages the species suffered. For more than 30 years, Maura Kraus, a Collier County environmental specialist, has gone up and down the beaches to check on sea turtle nests. […]

Cape Coral homeowner returns to find Elsa ripped up seawall, dock

Elsa caused great damage to a homeowner’s seawall on his waterfront property. Carmine Zingariello told us he wasn’t at his Cape Coral home when Elsa brought its outer bands to SWFL and moved up along the coast. He was at his home in Massachusetts when he got a call from his neighbor saying his entire […]

Flooding issues continue for North Port following Elsa

Floodwaters continued to impact areas of North Port. Many people have stocked up on sandbags while others have evacuated as the flooding gets worse. According to a news release from the city, about half-dozen vehicles were stuck in the high water needing rescue crews to respond. The good news is the water hasn’t gotten much […]

Large amounts of rainwater from Elsa could impact SWFL water quality

Some are worried Elsa will have lasting impacts on water quality in Southwest Florida. Experts say when we see large amounts of rain in a storm like Elsa, the water will quickly carry harmful nutrients and toxins along with it to the Gulf and waterways. An aerial photo taken by pilot Ralph Arwood showed discharge […]

Residents deal with rising floodwaters near homes in North Port after storm

Streets in North Port became flooded after Elsa, and water has been creeping into some people’s yards. Some families were choosing to leave their homes Thursday, as water could significantly rise in the next 72 hours. Families are doing everything they can to protect themselves and their properties. The City of North Port sent out […]

Possible water spout throws boat into Caloosahatchee during Elsa

Elsa left its mark on Southwest Florida. Among those was a possible water spout that sent a boat flying into the Caloosahatchee River. When the possible watersport or tornado hit along Nautilus Drive, south of the Cape Coral Bridge in Cape Coral, a neighbor told us it sounded like a train rushing through his bedroom. […]

Floodwaters are dangerous, experts say

Many communities experienced floodwaters after Elsa impacted Southwest Florida. Floodwaters are not only unsafe to drive through but they can also make you sick. Some people couldn’t even get out of their driveways. Splashing in the water may look like fun but under the surface, it could cause havoc. “I am a parent. That was […]

Peace River Wildlife Center prepares for Elsa

Humans aren’t the only ones who have to ride out Elsa as it passes by Southwest Florida. The Peace River Wildlife Center is making sure its animal patients stay safe before closing for Elsa. The animal center, at 3400 Ponce de Leon Pkwy in Punta Gorda, prepared for the storm by placing sandbags outside of […]

SWFL ready for increase in storm conditions as Tropical Storm Elsa draws closer

Tropical Storm Elsa’s outer bands were already impacting parts of Southwest Florida Monday night. We spoke to more people in the region as they prepared for increased storm conditions Tuesday. Sanibel Lee County says, once sustained winds reach 40 mph, it’s not safe to drive over a bridge. That means staying off your boat too. […]