x on car at FGCU

FGCU fraternity unhappy with University Police; wants to protect peers with new program

After some women found an “X” keyed into their cars near FGCU’s campus, they worry they’ve been targeted, and while University Police say this is just an urban myth, one fraternity on campus wants to help protect fellow students so this doesn’t keep happening. These marks on students’ cars at FGCU are making everyone afraid […]

FGCU police want to build trust with school’s 15,000 students

We hear from the local sheriffs and police chiefs every day, but we don’t hear a lot from the police department at Florida Gulf Coast University – and that’s OK with its chief. WINK News Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko spent some time on campus with Chief Steven Moore to find out what the […]

Weekend car burglaries at FGCU cause concern

University Police released a statement saying that six cars were broken into over the weekend at FGCU. Sunday, the department received six reports of car burglaries in South Village — the freshman living area on campus — at Lot A and Garage B. Authorities say the burglaries probably occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning. They […]