Florida governor expands school voucher program

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Thursday that expands an existing school voucher program to allow more lower income families to participate. The bill expands the income level for which families can receive a voucher for students to attend private school. The program gives corporations a tax credit if they provide money for students to […]

DeSantis announces $500 million to increase teacher pay

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Wednesday to raise the minimum teacher salary to $47,500 and provide other raises at a cost of $500 million despite state revenue plummeting because of the coronavirus. Raising teacher salaries was a top priority for DeSantis during the legislative session that ended with a budget being approved […]

Gov DeSantis says Florida had record number of test results back in one day

Governor Ron DeSantis was in Sarasota County on Tuesday holding a briefing regarding COVID-19. DeSantis said the state got the highest number of test results back on Monday, with a total of 24,000. And of those 24,000 results returned, only about 500 came back positive. Jared Moskowitz, the director,  of the Florida Division of Emergency […]