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Shoppers prepare for July 4, possible hurricane impacts afterward

Many people were heading to local grocery stores and supermarkets Friday to stock up on supplies days ahead of possible impacts caused by Hurricane Elsa. The storm essentials included water, batteries and non-perishable food. We saw employees restock shelves with water right next to where the Fourth of July sparklers were on sale. “We have […]

High demand creates issues with online grocery services

Grocery services are in high demand, and stores could be having trouble meeting community needs. It has led to problems for people who’ve had their delivery canceled at the last minute. We spoke to a woman in Lee County on Monday who said she didn’t receive her groceries after she had already paid for them. […]

Cash-back apps are rewarding grocery shoppers

Your next trip to the grocery store could end with you getting money. Some apps are now offering rewards programs. And that reward is money back in your bank account. We looked at what you need to know before you sign up. Start with reviewing your credit cards. Figure out which one has the highest […]