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Vaccinating the homeless in Charlotte County

To better protect all of us, homeless people will start receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. But vaccinating those of us who live on the streets comes with challenges. The Florida Department of Health has already been administering some shots to homeless people. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine been a game-changer in this effort, because it’s a […]

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Lee County, Fort Myers looks to enter homeless into ‘Rapid Rehousing Program’

After dozens of homeless people were forced out of Lions Park in Fort Myers, some were offered hotels as temporary housing. However, not everyone was offered that option. For now, they are saying the hotels will be available for at least two weeks, maybe more. The City of Fort Myers set aside 280 rooms. Lee […]

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Fort Myers will spend $22,000 to house homeless in hotels for 2 weeks

Fort Myers city leaders continue to discuss the future of the homeless population. After being kicked out of Centennial Park, they migrated to Lions Park. Now, leaders say they can’t stay there either. Fort Myers City Council voted Monday to allocate $22,000 to help house people experiencing homelessness in the city in hotels for two […]


Homeless young woman gets a chance to start over due to her own hard work

A formerly homeless young woman is getting a fresh start. She now has her own apartment and car, and it’s all thanks to her own hard work. Next, she wants to help others. After years of sleeping on others’ couches, 19-year-old Merci now has a bed to call her own. This is an emotional day […]

Lee County Homeless Coalition holds vigil for homeless that have died

On Monday night, the Lee County Homeless Coalitioin honored those homeless people who have died with a vigil. A memorial day, of sorts, for the lives lost. 27 candles were lit and placed into 27 white paper bags with all 27 names of the homeless people who have died in Lee County. The Lee County […]

Lee County Sheriff’s Office to form ‘Homeless Outreach Teams’

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the creation of ‘Homeless Outreach Teams’ – or ‘HOT’ teams – in partnership with the county government. The teams will consist of a trained civilian, a crisis-intervention deputy from the sheriff’s office, and a licensed mental health professional provided by the county. […]

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One family sleeping in their car reflects a larger trend in SWFL

Hundreds of school children in Southwest Florida are homeless. Many of these families say going to school is critical for the survival of homeless children. Across Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties more than 500 kids in public school are homeless. While this number sounds large, it has actually gone down because of the state eviction […]

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The homeless who occupied Centennial Park now spread out across Fort Myers

Fences have gone up around Centennial Park, causing the homeless who used to sleep under the pavilion to find other places to go. They may now be scattered across Fort Myers but advocates say that hasn’t stopped them from trying to find places for these people to live permanently. City Gate Ministries in downtown Fort […]


Community donates supplies to homeless as Centennial Park is being shut down

After seeing that homeless people would be displaced as Centennial Park undergoes renovations, the people of Fort Myers have stepped up. They’re donating supplies to make sure the homeless are comfortable and protected. There are plenty of bags of clothes and food coming around. “There’s plenty of bags.” Seeing the homeless people in Centennial Park […]

Fences set to go up around Centennial Park prior to construction

Centennial Park was set to close Monday for renovations. Now, fences are going up and will leave homeless people displaced. While the city knows people live there, they say it’s unfair to the taxpayers. The fence only goes so far, which means the homeless people who live there may still be able to use the […]