Protecting your children online during pandemic

Children are being targeted now more than ever before, and the devices in their hands every day are¬†attracting all types of trouble. That is what the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children say is so scary about this dilemma: Parents see their kids on the couch, on their phones, and think ‘Well, at least […]

FBI: Florida ranks No. 2 for internet crimes

It comes as no surprise: Cybercrime is up – by a lot, with more than $4 billion in losses nationwide. The FBI’s Internet Crime Center’s 2020 report ranked Florida second in the country for internet crimes, with about 54,000 complaints submitted and losses nearing $300 million. And a lot of people never even file a […]

Understanding kid lingo in texts and on social media

A tragic incident last month is shining a light on a potential issue facing every family. Dr. Laura Berman’s son died of an accidental overdose after using Snapchat to buy fentanyl-laced Xanax. Berman posted a photo and message on Instagram and also shared her son’s story to alert other parents. Her son’s friend alerted her […]

Keeping your information private online

We’ve all heard the stories of companies data mining and Big Brother watching our every online move, but how much of your data have you really lost track of? How many people have your information and how do you find out? Social media has connected us all in so many ways, but there can be […]


Watch out for crooks selling fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine trials

A new warning being issued after a possible COVID-19 vaccine approval. Some of these clinical trials could be a scam. If you get a text to participate in a clinical trial for the coronavirus vaccine, make sure it isn’t a scam. The Better Business Bureau says they’ve seen scammers sending out text messages that offer […]

Your online shopping habits could make you susceptible to identity theft

Identity theft can happen anywhere at any time. At the gas pump, at the grocery store and particularly at online retailers, people can be monitoring your activity and waiting to strike. Floridians are even more susceptible to identity theft, ranking second in the country for losses due to identity theft in 2019. “Last year, 2019, […]