Teen tased: Did state trooper violate policy?

The mother of a teenager who was tased by an FHP trooper last week has hired an attorney to help fight the arrest she says happened because of racial profiling. Sixteen-year-old Jack Rodeman was arrested by Trooper George Smyrnios on June 16 and is currently being held at the Juvenile Assessment Center for 21 days. […]

trooper tases teen

Teen tased by trooper on girlfriend’s porch; experts call it ‘egregious’

A mother is angry and distraught after what she believes was racial profiling of her son when he was tased before being arrested by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper. Trooper George Smyrnios was caught on surveillance video tasing 16-year-old Jack Rodeman more than once on the back deck of the teen’s girlfriend’s home, where he […]