Other US states copying Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ efforts

Florida’s move to expand its prohibition on teaching sexual orientation or gender identity in the classroom comes as Republican lawmakers in other states pursue their own versions of what critics dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

DeSantis to expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law to high schools

The administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis is moving to forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” as the Republican governor continues a focus on cultural issues ahead of his expected presidential run.

Carl Nassib

Support for openly gay NFL player encouraging to SWFL LGBTQ youth

Much of the world is showing its support for the first active NFL player to come out as gay, and some families in Southwest Florida say this will not only save lives but allow them to have lives. Carl Nassib knows how to command a defense and make a quarterback pay. He also knows how […]

Students suspended after schoolyard clash over Pride flags

A schoolyard clash over gay Pride flags got some students suspended and others expelled from their Florida middle school. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office is investigating, and a congressman got involved. It happened last Friday at Seminole Middle School, where some students displayed Pride flags at an outdoor lunch table. One draped a flag around […]

Lee County School Board again discussing student non-discrimination policies

A poster about student non-discrimination policies is once again the center of a Lee County School Board meeting Tuesday. School administrators want to make sure everyone feels safe and included, but will the poster stay in next year’s code of conduct, or will it be taken out? The School Board may decide to do that, […]

Lee County School District staff to discuss controversial poster

A poster outlining transgender policies in schools will be a topic of discussion during a Lee County School District staff meeting Friday. The controversial poster, which lists best practices for LGBTQ students and where transgender students can use the restroom, has caused emotions to boil over recently, and the school district is trying to figure […]

Controversial parents’ bill of rights nears law

Activists worry a fight within school districts puts politics over the health of students. As the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” advances in the state legislature, LGBTQ groups are concerned the law would out students to parents without their permission. Advocates of the bill (HB 241) said it emphasizes parents’ rights and focuses on families. Lee […]