Florida GOP awaits governor’s signature on new voting rules

Florida Republicans passed a series of sweeping voter restrictions Thursday targeting mailed ballots, drop boxes and other popular election methods, becoming the latest GOP-controlled state to tighten voting rules after massive turnout in 2020. The bill now heads to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just months ago touted the efficiency and security of the presidential […]

New vote-by-mail rules move closer to DeSantis’ desk

Florida’s statehouse swirled with the ghosts of the 2000 presidential election amid charges of voter suppression, as the state Senate approved a nationally watched election package Republicans tout as a move to preserve the integrity of elections but that Democrats worry will make it harder for some voters to cast ballots. The Republican-led Legislature is […]

Florida Republicans barrel ahead with rewriting voting rules

Democrats, voting rights advocates and the county officials responsible for running elections in Florida appeared powerless to halt moves by Republican lawmakers Tuesday to tighten the ways in which citizens can cast ballots. As Florida gears up for another round of elections in 2022 – headlined by nationally watched races for governor and U.S. Senate […]

70% of states offer mail and early voting, new report says

A new report examining voting access across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., finds that more than 70% of states offer all voters access to a mail ballot and early voting, while 15 others lag in the methods available to cast a ballot. The data from the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), provided first to CBS […]

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Voting on Election Day looked different this year after many voted early

Everyone has their own journey, belief, or story that brought them to Precinct 109 in Cape Coral today. And while everyone here may have differing political opinions they are all Americans and proud to vote. “I’m actually a political science major at FGCU, ” said one voter in line today. She is the daughter of […]

Vision 2020: Will mailed-in ballots be delivered on time?

Can you trust the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your ballot on time? If you plan on voting by mail, election officials say it’s best to do it as early as possible so your ballot gets to its destination well before Election Day, which is Nov. 3. Postal officials have repeatedly said the agency has more than […]


Voter beware: US tells public how to avoid election mischief

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency have issued a series of advisories in recent weeks aimed at warning voters about problems that could surface in the election — as well as steps Americans can take to counter the foreign interference threat. The issues identified in the public service announcements run the […]

Over 571,000 mail-in ballots returned in Florida

More than 571,000 Floridians have already cast ballots for the November election, as Monday marked the final day residents could register to vote. As of Monday morning, 571,718 vote-by-mail ballots had been cast, with 306,037 from Democrats and 157,924 from Republicans. Another 101,164 had been cast by voters without party affiliation and 6,593 had come […]

Florida Democrats post wide lead in mail-in ballot requests

Florida Democrats are building a substantial lead in mail-in ballot requests for November’s presidential election even as their registration advantage shrinks, but questions remain about whether that will be a boon for Joe Biden as he tries to wrest the nation’s largest swing state from President Donald Trump. The Florida secretary of state’s office shows […]

Voters’ poorly marked ovals could lead to contested ballots

Two decades ago, Florida’s hanging chads became an unlikely symbol of a disputed presidential election. This year, the issue could be poorly marked ovals or boxes. Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are expected to bypass their polling place and cast absentee ballots for the first time. Voters marking ballots from home […]