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Dollars for Mammograms gets a clinic, helps pay for care costs

The cost of medical care prices many people out of taking care of themselves, but one woman has made it her personal mission to help when it comes to mammograms. Rita Bertler’s first breast tumor appeared in 1999. Having witnessed her mother battle breast cancer, she knew what was at stake. “My mother was a […]

Google says it has developed an artificial intelligence system that can detect the presence of breast cancer more accurately than doctors. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Young women paying to get breast cancer tests

A breast cancer diagnosis is scary, and the test to find out if you have it could cost you thousands, even with health insurance. That has a lot of women skipping their screenings. Women are told to have mammograms annually, but only if you’re over 50. Still, breast cancer concerns exist for everyone. Dr. Tasleem […]