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Manorcare Lely Palms residents gearing up for second vaccine dose

In just a few short weeks, people inside our senior living facilities will receive their second and final COVID-19 vaccine dose. Meanwhile, some have yet to receive their first dose. For months, Roger Kyle’s only glimpse of sunshine has been seeing his wife from his window. “Which is almost unacceptable, but I have to live […]

manorcare lely palms

Manorcare Lely Palms one of first centers in Southwest Florida receiving vaccine

NOTE: The COVID-19 vaccine is NOT currently available to the general public. It’s been one week since the first vaccine was administered in America. Fast forward and 554,00 vaccines have been administered so far and 24 million more doses are available a a apart of the first phase. Manorcare Lely Palms is expected to be […]

Nursing assistant fired after being accused of hitting 98-year-old woman

According to Florida Department of Health, a 98-year-old woman, who has dementia, was punched in the head twice by a nursing assistant at ManorCare in East Naples. Officials say the woman tried to protect herself by holding her hands up defensively. And it was another employee at ManorCare who witnessed it and reported it, ultimately […]