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Marco Patriots assist community in Tennessee after major flooding

A disaster assistance team from Southwest Florida was in Tennessee Tuesday hoping to help families get back on their feet after a devastating flood. The Marco Patriots brought generators, linens and their mobile feeding station to Waverly, Tennessee, where the community was hit hard by floods. “It’s humbling for me when I enter disaster area, […]

Marco Patriots step up to help Surfside

Volunteers groups in Southwest Florida aren’t hesitating to answer the call for our friends on the East Coast. Members of the Marco Patriots are home after stepping up to help at the disaster zone in Surfside. It’s work all too familiar to the group that specializes in hurricane rescue. Aerial footage shows up what’s happening […]

Marco Patriots collect lumber during shortage to store for hurricane season

With hurricane season less than a month away, many people want to stock up on supplies to protect their homes. Now, there’s a shortage of lumber and the price has increased, which means that there could be less protection for your home. Experts say taxes on lumber have already been increasing. When the pandemic first […]

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Marco Patriots help 96-year-old get a COVID-19 vaccine

A 96-year-old woman is referring to the Marco Patriots as her saints. Rita Lachmund had been trying, without luck, to book a vaccine appointment through the Naples Senior Center for weeks. And, she’s been stuck in her Marco Island home for a year. So, when the Marco Patriots heard her story, they knew they had […]

Kind volunteer surprises over-80 couple on Marco with vaccines

A couple in need was met with a surprise they never expected when a kind stranger stepped up to make their dream come true. A high risk, over-80 couple had been struggling for weeks to get a coronavirus vaccine appointment, and they were rewarded with the surprise of a lifetime. Sandra and Larry Croce haven’t […]

Marco Patriots works to help woman put Hurricane Irma behind her by Christmas

It’s been three years since Hurricane Irma hit Southwest Florida, and some people who were in the region during the storm are still recovering from it. A local organization decided to step up for the holidays to help a woman with a damaged home. Pam Michel on Marco Island is ready for Christmas, and this […]

Marco Patriots head to Louisiana ahead of Hurricane Delta threat

Help is on the way to Louisiana, with Hurricane Delta’s forecast showing it will make landfall Friday. The Marco Patriots are on the move once again in 2020 to head back to Louisiana to be of help ahead of possible destruction caused by the storm. Marco Patriots worry the aftermath of Hurricane Laura will make […]

Marco Patriots respond to communities in Louisiana after hurricane destruction

Southwest Florida knows all too well the life-changing destruction of powerful hurricanes. Our neighbors are helping families however they can after Hurricane Laura caused destruction in parts of Louisiana. It’s the fifth time in three years the Marco Patriots have responded after a hurricane devastated part of the country. Thursday, Marco Patriots are parts of […]