Garland formally prohibits seizure of reporters’ records

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday formally prohibited federal prosecutors from seizing the records of journalists in leak investigations, with limited exceptions, reversing years of department policy. The new policy largely codifies the commitment Garland made in June, when he said the Justice Department would abandon the practice of seizing reporters’ records in leak investigations. […]

AP source: Justice Department suing Georgia over voting laws

The Justice Department is suing Georgia over the state’s voting laws, a person familiar with the matter said Friday. The announcement will be made later Friday by Attorney General Merrick Garland. It comes two weeks after Garland said the Justice Department would scrutinize a wave of new laws in Republican-controlled states that tighten voting rules. […]

Attorney general announces actions to protect voting rights

In response to the weakening of the federal voting rights law by the Supreme Court in 2013, Attorney General Merrick Garland made a commitment to expand the Justice Department’s efforts to protect voting rights, announcing a series of actions aimed at confronting state and local efforts that he said “will make it harder to vote.” […]

With civil rights charges, Justice Dept. signals priorities

The Justice Department is sending a strong message about its priorities these days. In just over the past two weeks, it has opened investigations of police in Louisville, Kentucky, and Minneapolis. Federal prosecutors have charged four former Minneapolis police officers with civil rights violations in George Floyd’s death, and accused three men of hate crimes […]

Senate panel votes to advance Garland’s nomination to be AG

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to advance the nomination of Merrick Garland, President Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general. The committee voted 15 to seven in favor of Garland’s nomination at a meeting on Monday afternoon. Garland, a federal appeals court judge who was snubbed by Republicans for a seat on the Supreme Court […]

Biden introduces Judge Merrick Garland as attorney general pick

President-elect Joe Biden introduced his pick for the nation’s top law enforcement official on Thursday, turning to experienced judge Merrick Garland to help de-politicize the Justice Department and restore the rule of law after what the incoming president described as four years of lawlessness under President Donald Trump. Biden also described the pro-Trump mob that […]

Biden to name judge Merrick Garland as attorney general

President-elect Joe Biden has selected Merrick Garland, a federal appeals court judge who in 2016 was snubbed by Republicans for a seat on the Supreme Court, as his attorney general, two people familiar with the selection process said Wednesday. In picking Garland, Biden is turning to an experienced judge who held senior positions at the […]