Longstanding issue of Lee County’s nutrient-rich waters found in test samples

Once we learned swarms of non-biting midge flies could signal poor water quality, we hired Sanders Laboratories to sample and test spots across Lee County. We took those results to a local water expert to explore what’s in the water. From W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam, down to Fort Myers Beach and several spots in […]

Water quality tested after midge flies invade areas of Lee County

After swarms of midge flies invaded areas of Lee County, water quality was cited as a possible reason. The bugs covered walls and lanai screens, traveled in swarms, and caused quite a commotion, especially in areas along the Caloosahatchee River. “They seek out light, they congregate around light. And by the way, they’re not going […]

midge flies

Midge flies have returned but experts say they never left

We all thought midge flies were gone, but they’re back. Actually, mosquito control says, they never really left. Midge flies do not pose a threat to humans and will not bite or sting you. However, they can be very annoying especially flying around your front door or congregating on your car. It turns out that […]

midge flies

Midge flies invade Southwest Florida; could be sign of poor water quality

Pesky midge flies have invaded Southwest Florida. Many viewers have reached out to us wondering what they are and why they’re showing up. “They are non-biting flies; they are not going to bite you or hurt you but they are a nuisance and frequently you see them around sewage treatment areas,” said Jonh Cassani, Calusa […]