Volunteers gather to rebuild Morningstar Baptist Church’s playground

Dozens of volunteers got together on Saturday to bring a playground back to life for one church community. There were weeds in the ground, a crooked basketball hoop and busted swings. This playground has not been used in years and has seen better days. But, with new paint, the place could begin to improve. The […]

Morningstar Baptist Church food drive

Church destroyed by fire helps community and puts own repairs on hold

After a church was destroyed in a February fire, they put their own needs on hold as a part of their mission to help the community. They’re continuing to give back even while needing help. This line of people in need of food is no longer unusual, we’ve been seeing it for an entire year. […]

Morningstar Baptist Church gives back before rebuilding

Morningstar Baptist Church may have been left in ruins by a fire, but it’s serving the community Tuesday morning, giving away food because the need is there and volunteers say they’re not letting the fire stop them. They’ve received donations to rebuild the church, but not as many towards the food. Yet most of the […]

Community saddened after church roof collapses in fire in Lee County, no injuries

Many people were devastated after a church that has served community members for decades in Southwest Florida went up in flames. People we spoke to explained it’s a place that has held significant value for them for many years and continues to serve others. Multiple fire agencies in Lee County responded to a fire at […]