South Carolina man dies days after being struck by lightning on Sanibel

A South Carolina man who was struck by lightning along with his wife on Sanibel last weekend died Wednesday in a Lee County hospital. Brent Jerome’s church posted an update Thursday to say the father of two was declared brain dead and was taken from ICU to surgery for the removal of five organs to […]

Organ donor gives SWFL woman lifesaving kidney

A Southwest Florida woman’s years-long journey to find a donor has come to an end. While on her honeymoon, doctors told Marissa Arvonio she was in kidney failure. She went from a happy newlywed to being on a survival mission, waiting for a match. 911 calls, feeding tubes and surgeries were regularities of Arvonio’s life […]

Family of boy killed at Disney World urges organ donation

A Nebraska couple whose 2-year-old son died tragically at Walt Disney World nearly five years ago wants more families to consider donating their children’s organs if their child is ever facing death. Matt and Melissa Graves created the Lane Thomas Foundation after their son was killed by an alligator in 2016. The Omaha couple said […]

nicks parents

Parents meet the recipients of son’s organ donations

Three months before Nick Marbach died in 2019, he became an organ donor. On Saturday, his parents were able to meet the recipients of those organs and hear his heartbeat once again. One year, three months and 24 days is exactly how long Gary and Deb Marbach of Sarasota County have been without their son, […]