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Biden administration unveils new plan for young immigrants

The Biden administration on Monday renewed efforts to shield hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to the United States as young children from deportation, the latest maneuver in a long-running drama over the policy’s legality. The proposed regulation attempts to satisfy concerns of a federal judge in Houston who ruled in July that the Deferred Action […]


Biden promises more strikes on Afghanistan extremist group

President Joe Biden vowed Saturday to keep up airstrikes against the Islamic extremist group whose suicide bombing at the Kabul airport killed scores of Afghans and 13 American service members. Another terror attack, he said, is “highly likely” this weekend as the U.S. winds down its evacuation. The Pentagon said the remaining contingent of U.S. […]

Biden decides to stick with Aug. 31 final pullout from Kabul

President Joe Biden has decided not to extend his Aug. 31 deadline for completing the U.S.-led evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan, an administration official said Tuesday. Biden made the decision after consultation with his national security team. Weighing the risks of keeping forces on the ground beyond the deadline, he opted to […]

Florida facing possible federal lawsuit over school mask mandates

President Joe Biden is threatening to take states to court if they don’t institute school mask mandates to combat the current COVID-19 surge. This begs the legal question: Would the case be framed as a matter of education or public health? In court, it can’t be both. If this issue is categorized as a public […]

Safety concerns halt rescue efforts at Surfside condo collapse site

Rescue efforts at the site of a partially collapsed Florida condominium building were halted Thursday out of concern about the stability of the remaining structure after crews noticed widening cracks and up to a foot of movement in a large column, officials said. The stoppage that began shortly after 2 a.m. threatened to keep search […]

Biden, Putin set consultations on updating nuclear pact

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he and U.S. President Joe Biden agreed in a “constructive” summit Wednesday to return their nations’ ambassadors to their posts and begin negotiations to replace the last remaining treaty between the two countries limiting nuclear weapons. Putin said there was “no hostility” during the talks that wrapped up more quickly […]

Knesset approves new coalition, ending Netanyahu’s long rule

Israel’s parliament approved a new coalition government on Sunday that sent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into the opposition after a record 12 years in office and a political crisis that sparked four elections in two years. Naftali Bennett, the head of a small ultranationalist party, was sworn in as prime minister after a narrow 60-59 […]

On 1st overseas trip, Biden to assure allies and meet Putin

Set to embark on the first overseas trip of his term, President Joe Biden is eager to reassert the United States on the world stage, steadying European allies deeply shaken by his predecessor and pushing democracy as the only bulwark to rising forces of authoritarianism. Biden has set the stakes for his eight-day trip in […]

Biden announces international COVID-19 vaccine sharing plan

The U.S. will donate 75% of its unused COVID-19 vaccines to the U.N.-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing program, President Joe Biden announced Thursday. The White House unveiled the allocation for sharing the first 25 million doses with the world. The U.S. has said it plans to share 80 million vaccine doses globally by the end […]

Biden doubling spending to prepare for hurricanes, storms

President Joe Biden announced Monday that he’s doubling U.S. emergency spending to help communities prepare for hurricanes and other extreme weather events, while launching a new effort at NASA to better understand and track the impact of climate change. The $1 billion in spending is a small fraction of what the U.S. spends on weather-related […]