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School zone safety as students return to class

Teachers report back to class Monday, and soon students will, too, so there will be more pedestrians, bicyclists and buses sharing the road with you, and it’s important to be extra careful. Remind your kids, first, to stay at least 5 feet away from the curb while they wait on their school bus. If they […]

Cape Coral Schools installing more flashing signs for student traffic safety

To try keeping our children safe as they head off to school, Cape Coral will approve new signs with flashing, attention-grabbing lights to go in school zones. The Cape Coral Police Department says it has issued an average of 50 tickets in school zones per year since 2017, and a lot of warnings, too. Will […]

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to crack down on school zone speeders

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is doing their part to protect students. So they are cracking down on those who speed through school zones. If you don’t obey, you could pay a hefty fine. “At the beginning of the school year, typically we do have an increase in speeding because people forget about the school […]