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Charlotte Harbor seagrass lost 3 decades of recovery in 2 years

Seagrass in Charlotte Harbor has lost three decades worth of recovery growth in just two years. Charlotte Harbor is home to manatees sea turtles and plenty of fish. Marine life there relies on the harbor’s seagrass for food and shelter. That seagrass depends on clean water and sunlight to thrive. Eric Milbrandt is the marine […]


Seagrass feeds marine life while helping our water quality

Seagrass can be found in multiple Southwest Florida waterways including Estero Bay. And, not only does it provide food for marine life but it also contributes to our water quality. The Creed family stopped by Lee County’s Manatee Park on Tuesday and came all the way from Massachusetts. So far, they haven’t seen any manatees. […]

FGCU researchers study seagrass, key indicator of Caloosahatchee health

It’s not the same as the grass on your lawn, but researchers are going beneath the surface to see how healthy the Caloosahatchee River is. FGCU researchers we met in Punta Rassa Wednesday explained what seagrass can tell us about the water quality in Southwest Florida. “This type of seagrass that we have here in […]