phorid flies

Phorid Flies infiltrating South Gulf Cove

A fly infestation is coming from drains in a neighborhood. A viewer reached out to WINK News to see if it was happening to others. Those in South Gulf Cove describe these as unwanted and even disgusting neighbors. Gloria Dumas-Ropp lives in South Gulf Cove. “It’s in the coffeemaker isn’t that unbelievable?” Dumas-Ropp said. And, […]

CDC shares recommendations for those who are fully vaccinated

Getting to see loved ones is a step closer to reality. The CDC has new guidelines about what it recommends people should and shouldn’t do once you’re fully vaccinated for the coronavirus. One includes you don’t always have to get tested if you’ve been exposed to the virus. Jack May’s recent move from Indiana to […]

one eyed jack

Calls for gator to be removed from canal in South Gulf Cove causes feud between neighbors

A feud is becoming heated over gators. Neighbors in South Gulf Cove say there have been more calls for gator removal from the canal. Brenda Futch moved to South Gulf Cove for tranquility. “It’s beautiful. It’s serene, peaceful, we love our wildlife.” Her favorite neighbor has been dubbed “one-eyed Jack.” “We loved watching him, we […]

Some South Gulf Cove neighbors notice more rattlesnakes than usual

Some homeowners in Charlotte County are bothered by their new slithering neighbors. Neighbors say there’s an increase of rattlesnake sightings throughout their community, and they don’t know what to do about it. Jessica Cannon and her dog, Scout, in South Gulf Cove don’t hear the rattle from a rattlesnake often, but it’s something they have […]

Charlotte County schedules mosquito sprays for neighborhoods with high concentrations

It’s not mosquito season, but the annoying pests are already taking over one neighborhood in Charlotte County. County officials and WINK News Weather Authority say neighbors can blame the weather for it all. Now, the county is taking steps to deal with the problem. Mosquitos have been a problem at the South Gulf Cove community […]

Recent fish kills a concerning nuisance to Charlotte County community

Homeowners in a Charlotte County neighborhood report dead fish are popping up in a canal behind their homes. The say it’s been happening for days, causing a strong, off-putting odor to linger near them. We looked into what’s the cause is for this local fish kill near neighbors. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is […]