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Health experts concerned about surge after packed New Year’s Eve gatherings

From packed holiday beaches to New Year’s Eve parties at bars without masks, health experts are concerned to see the same causes of spread for the coronavirus last year creep into 2021. The vaccine might be in rollout mode, but it’s going to take a while before it’s making a difference in our community. Experts […]

India study shows young kids spread COVID-19 among themselves more often than thought

A new study out of India finds children can spread the coronavirus among themselves more than we thought. That’s contradicting widely-held beliefs about COVID-19. The study also found that young adults are the main individuals spreading the virus. A small group of young adults included in the study were responsible for most new infections, making […]

New Zealand has success containing COVID-19; could it work in Florida?

The U.S. passed 5 million coronavirus cases over the weekend. Just 17 days ago, the country reported 4 million recorded COVID-19 cases. On the other side of the world, New Zealand has now gone just over 100 days without a new case, and its social lives have returned to normal. We looked at what New […]

IT company uses phone data to track social distancing trends

We all rely on our cell phones, so do social scientists. In fact, TopData Global IT Solutions is using the data it gets from our phones to track our response to the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, TopData is tracking to see if people are social distancing. “What we can actually do is predict the number of […]