Trump’s campaign finances are strained as legal peril mounts

Donald Trump’s political operation entered the second half of the year in a strained financial position with its bank account drained by tens of millions of dollars that were directed toward defending the former president from mounting legal challenges as he seeks the White House again.

This combination of the photos shows former President Donald Trump, left, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, right. (AP Photo/File)

DeSantis team welcomes contrast with Trump ‘chaos’ candidacy

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ team believes he holds a position of strength among Republican voters. And as Trump fights to undermine DeSantis, his strongest Republican rival, the Florida governor’s growing coalition is eager to highlight the contrast between the two men.

Biden Trump split

Biden and Trump campaigns focusing on Florida but with different messages

President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden are focusing their campaigns on Florida this week, but with different messages. “My sister died because this president lied. He lied to her, he lied to us, he lied to this country,” said Katrina Wilson, councilwoman for Miami Gardens. The Biden-Harris campaign is putting the coronavirus […]

Linkin Park sends cease and desist to Trump campaign for using their music

Another musician is telling the Trump campaign to stop using their music. This time the cease and desist is coming from the band Linkin Park. On Saturday night, President Donald Trump retweeted a campaign video that featured the band’s 2002 hit song ‘In The End.’ Linkin Park swiftly took action on having the video removed and shared […]