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Push to ban COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Collier County

A task force is looking to stop all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Collier County. The idea is to spell out your rights regarding healthcare, and the vote is Tuesday. The state already largely bans the mandates. But several of the people WINK News spoke to on Monday agreed with no mandates; most said they want […]

What can employers do if workers avoid COVID-19 vaccines?

What can employers do if workers avoid COVID-19 vaccines? They can require vaccination and fire employees who don’t comply, or take other actions such as withholding company perks or charging extra for health insurance. Businesses for months have been encouraging workers to get vaccinated, in some cases offering incentives like time off or gift cards. […]

Pentagon: US troops must get their COVID-19 vaccines ASAP

Military troops must immediately begin to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a memo Wednesday, ordering service leaders to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation.” More than 800,000 service members have yet to get their shots, according to Pentagon data. And now that the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval from the […]

Employee rights vs vaccine mandates

Tampa is slated to announce Wednesday morning that all city employees will be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The list of employers mandating vaccines is growing. But workers who don’t want the vaccine want to know what they can do to keep their jobs. Neither available option is ideal for the worker: You can […]

Eight in 10 economists say employers should require vaccine

As COVID-19 persists and the back-to-school season approaches, most economists say employers should require their workers to be vaccinated before they return to the office. Eight in 10 economists said they are in favor of employers implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandates for employees returning to the workplace, according to a survey conducted by the National Association […]

What full FDA approval for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine means for your employment

Now that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has full approval from the FDA, does that affect your rights at work if your employer looks to mandate the shot? Technically, they can already do whatever they want, but this might have just given them enough fighting power to incentivize their employees to actually get vaccinated. And even though […]

Pentagon to mandate COVID-19 vaccine, as Pfizer is approved

The Pentagon says it will require service members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine now that the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is making good on his vow earlier this month to require the shots once the Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine. […]


University of Virginia disenrolls 238 students for not complying with COVID vaccine mandate

The University of Virginia removed more than 200 students from its rolls for not meeting the school’s coronavirus vaccine requirement. Of the 238 students disenrolled, only 49 were actually registered for fall semester classes, leading the university to believe that the majority of the students “may not have been planning to return to the University […]