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Vaccine scams on the rise

The most in-demand item in Southwest Florida right now could also lead to some trouble. You get a long-awaited call that you can get a COVID-19 vaccine shot, but is it too good to be true? Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that people in Southwest Florida may have to travel to other parts of the […]

Dark web visitor illustration. (Credit: CBS News)

Beware bogus COVID vaccine offers proliferating on the ‘dark web’

For months, the internet has been filled with offers of PPE that turns out to be counterfeit and COVID tests that are actually phony, as well as ads for under-the-table miracle virus cures. Now, reports CBS Chicago, “dark-web” digital sellers are moving into a new territory — marketing COVID-19 vaccines, capitalizing on fear and scarcity […]

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Florida lawmakers to discuss bill that creates penalties for COVID-19 vaccine fraud

WINK News has been warning you for weeks about possible COVID-19 vaccination scams. Now, lawmakers in Tallahassee are going to discuss a bill that could create penalties for those vaccine-related scams. Florida Representative Adrian Zika is the sponsor of the bill and he wants to see these scammers go to jail. With the vaccine being […]