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SWFL school districts plan for in-person learning this fall

While this school year isn’t over yet, some districts are looking forward to their plans for the next school year. The pandemic changed the way children learned but schools are hoping that things will be back to normal. For the past year, learning has consisted of children behind screens and in Zoom boxes and teachers […]

Seal of the School District of Lee County. Photo via WINK News.

The School District of Lee County will continue offering multiple instructional models

After a recent executive order from Governor DeSantis, the School District of Lee County has announced they will continue offering multiple instruction models throughout the school year. The Florida Department of Education is tasked with keeping brick & mortar schools open. But, parents will be given the opportunity to choose the best option for their […]

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Florida Virtual School delays causing some parents to home school students

Many parents hoped that students going back to school virtually meant they would be able to go back to work, but Karissa Mandile now has to home school her child because of delays with Florida Virtual School placing her child into a class. “We applied for the Florida Virtual School at the beginning of August […]

Safety precautions for parents home schooling for the first time

We are all looking ahead to going back to school, but for some, that means school at home. Many parents are unsure if they want their child walking back into a classroom this year. One mother we spoke to says she feels her child is safer at home. But more time in the house can […]

SWFL student with autism enjoys virtual learning, but also deals with obstacles

The switch from in-class to distance learning put lots of kids behind. For students with autism, they also had to start getting therapy virtually. And a health expert says the virtual learning during the pandemic has caused regression in some of the students with developmental disabilities he has seen. We learned about what became key […]