Cape Coral set to begin hiking water rates annually

Neighbors in Cape Coral are frustrated at a discussion over raising water rates by 3% this year and 4% in 2024. Turning your faucet on might not seem like money going down the drain. However, for those living in northeast Cape Coral, switching to city water is starting to feel that way. Many neighbors recently […]

FGCU student diving head first into water issues

One Florida Gulf Coast University student is tackling algae found in our area. Clean water is vital for us – and the economy. For some people, it’s also culturally significant, and Kacy Rodriguez is making the connection from her ancestral roots to her water research. The graduate student has always loved the water. “Growing up […]

Wells running dry in Cape Coral; here’s how to avoid a problem

Wells are running dry in Cape Coral. WINK News received calls from residents saying they’re running out of water and are unable to do the most basic of things. The solution? A lot more rain, but our weather patterns aren’t going to dramatically change, so the more realistic fix for people in Cape Coral who […]