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Do you have Zoom fatigue?

If spending hours on video calls for work has you feeling a bit tired, you’re not alone. In fact, researchers have coined the term “Zoom fatigue.” It’s more than just exhaustion, and there are ways to help you get out of that virtual funk. Mom, health care professional, and PhD student Kristen Wymer says she […]

Attorney’s cat filter faux pas brings instant internet fame

Texas attorney Rod Ponton’s appearance as a fluffy kitten during an online court hearing provided a moment of levity to a pandemic- and Zoom-fatigued world. But that specific, adorable filter may be tough to find for anyone looking to replicate the viral moment. Ponton told The Associated Press that he was using his assistant’s 10-year-old […]


The reasons lawyers say quarantine divorce is more likely for newlyweds

Lawyers say divorce rates are spiking because of the pandemic and newlyweds seem to be driving the spike. Couples are arguing over things they’ve never argued about before. But since many are stuck in their shared homes all day with no separation, those arguments are becoming more frequent and more intense. “Before you might’ve forgotten […]

Hacker breaks into Collier County NAACP meeting, uses racial slurs and shows pornography

A hacker broke into a Collier County NAACP meeting and not only used racial slurs but also showed pornography, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Now, Sheriff Kevin Ramobsk has launched an investigation into the hack. And the FBI is investigating the hack that happened during a Zoom meeting between the NAACP and Collier […]