Burying power lines during UEP could cost Cape homeowners more

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- In just months, another section of Cape Coral will be dealing with torn up roads, sidewalks, and yards as workers start installing water and sewer lines.

Along with the headaches of construction, comes the big bill for the project. People in one neighborhood, where the city is considering moving power lines underground, will be asked to pay thousands more.

“I¬†think we need to do it, but I¬†think the cost is way too high,” said resident Dan Weber.

The Utilities Extension Project is already costing thousands of dollars but residents will also be paying for a new electrical system at the same time to move wires underground.

“There’s an advantage to it, but I¬†don’t believe the cost outweighs the advantage,” said Edmond Amos.

The city estimates the underground electrical system could cost upwards of $8,000 in addition to the roughly $6,000 residents will already pay for the UEP project.

“I¬†think people are in distress economically anyway. I¬†think this is going to be a hardship for a lot of people,¬†I¬†really do,” said Joyce Webber.

Some neighbors are in favor of less wires and what they say could be better water.

“I¬†guess that would be a plus, too, because well water has to be filtered and all that so to get purified regular water that would be better, too,” said Dennis Osborne.

The city continue discussing the issue and¬†ultimately, it’s up to homeowners to make the decision. More than 50 percent of homeowners¬†have to agree to the project before it happens.

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