How to spot a flooded car

Cars submerged in water are all around Florida thanks to the rain and flooding brought out by this storm. That doesn’t mean you won’t see them on car lots later, seemingly ready to hit the road again.

Shining a Federal spotlight on Florida’s Insurance Crisis

How bad is Florida’s homeowners insurance crisis? The federal government wants to know. Lawmakers dove into that question in the hopes of gaining a greater understanding and exploring the growing insurance problems across the country.


Insurers are using drones to inspect homes

Insurers are figuring out if your home is worth their risk without even stepping foot on your property. Consumer advocates worry this is going to make the state’s insurance crisis even worse for homeowners. Industry experts believe using drones are a better way to asses homes.

Florida insurer fined $1M over Hurricane Ian claims

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation issued the seven figure fine to Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance Company for violating a number of Florida laws when handling some of its Hurricane Ian- related claims.

Prescription drug shortages lead to higher prices

There are currently more than 250 medications on the nation’s drug shortage list, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The organization says 2023 marked the worst year for shortages in about a decade.