Super Bowl parties: avoid getting sick while enjoying the game

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Ted Kerwin / MGN

The day all football fans have bee waiting for is finally here, although half the fun is before the big game.

But if you’re attending a Super Bowl party tonight, you might want to be mindful of flu risks.

Super Bowl parties are where many people huddle up in tight spaces to share food and high fives…all while the flu runs rampant.

While enjoying a good beer, some wings and pizza, it is still important that you protect yourself against the flu. Deemed one of the worst flu seasons, Super Bowl parties can be the perfect breeding ground for spreading germs.

Tyler Kunkel of Fargo has been hosting Super Bowl parties at his house for the past three years.

A father of two and a nurse at Sanford Medical, Kunkel has seen his fair share of the flu epidemic. Expecting 20-25 people for this year’s Super Bowl party, he says it will be different. Everyone in attendance will be asked to sanitize their hands before touching any foods or drinks.

But just sanitizing isn’t enough though. The American Red Cross recommends washing your hands for up to 20 seconds along with sanitizing.

As for the things you should do to remain flu free: limit high-fiving throughout the game, sharing of disposable cups is a big no, use a marker to identify which cup is yours,
use tongs or spoons to scoop your chips, and don’t use hand towels in the guest bathroom; use the disposable ones.

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