Just because a tax preparer put up a shop doesn’t mean it’s legitimate

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income tax rates percent finance cuts IRS 1040 hike generic return. ISTOCKPHOTO via CBS News.

It’s your money and the IRS wants you to beware of “not so honest” tax preparers.

The IRS is seeing a trend where so called tax preparers are having people fill out a blank form.

The criminal then puts bogus numbers on it, asks for a direct deposit, and the money goes into their bank account instead of yours.

The IRS says make sure the return you sign has your correct information, and that you get a copy so if someone tries to submit a different from, you have a copy to refer back to.

Security expert Carrie Kerskie said, “Just because someone has a shop and put a shingle outside and says tax preparer doesn’t mean they are actually going to do it.”

If a tax preparer guarantees you are going to get the highest refund or they guarantee you’ll get a certain amount back before they’ve even looked at your documents, that’s a huge red flag.

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