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Parkland survivor encourages tourists to boycott spring break in Florida

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A Parkland shooting survivor suggested tourists should not choose Florida as a destination for spring break until the state passes gun control legislation.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg, 17, has been one of the most outspoken survivors after a school shooting that killed 17 students and faculty on Feb. 14.

Hogg’s tweet posted on Feb. 24 states, “Let’s make a deal DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed. These politions won’t listen to us so maybe the’ll listen to the billion dollar tourism industry in FL.”

While it has been more than one week since the tweet was posted, and more than a month since the massacre, restaurants and hotels in Southwest Florida have not seen a difference in business.

Many business owners on Fort Myers Beach agreed change is needed to keep kids safe in schools, but also said tourism is also needed to get them running through the year.

“We’re a resort town, were a seasonal town. So, you know we make a majority of our money in those February, March, April months when everybody’s on spring break and all the snowbirds are here for good,” said Adam Clark, owner of the Doghouse.

Despite 170 thousand likes and 60 thousand retweets, the chamber of commerce said almost every room is booked on and around the island.

“It was a horrible tragedy that had taken place … but trying to boycott local businesses is not the right way to do it because ultimately doesn’t hurt the people they’re trying to hurt, that hurts the small businesses who are just trying to survive,” said Melissa Schneider, Marketing Director at Lani Kai.