Soundtrack to scare birds away from Arcadia farm keeping neighbors away too


“Birds yes, we’re used to. But the cannon sounds and the riffle sound and the hawk coming in for a kill sound, we’re not used to,” said neighbor Jackie Barkely.

Barkely and her husband Larry Prescott can’t stand the constant soundtrack playing around their neighbor’s farm.

It isn’t the serene sound of nature in Arcadia, but a terrifying soundtrack played on a loop to help scare birds away.

“It starts before the sun comes up. When there’s a little light, that’s when it starts,” Prescott said.

And it has continued playing until sundown, seven days a week for the past few months.

They say the sounds are blaring from the blueberry farm that moved in across the street.

“They’re blowing air horns; you think you’re out in the shipyard. That cannon sounds like you’re in an impact area at an artillery range,” Prescott said.

Officers told them the property owner uses the symphony of sounds to protect the blueberries from birds. And the couple says they’ve had enough of their noisy neighbors.

“My son’s dog doesn’t want to come out now. She’s scared. It’s just to the point sometimes where we would love to move,” Barkely said.

WINK News made every effort to speak with the farm owner and get their side of the story, but we were unable to contact them.

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