Man accused of killing girlfriend made disturbing posts on social media


“She left here that night, it was in August, it was 9 o’clock or so, it was dark. She texted me when she got home he’s barricaded the house he won’t let me in. And I said call police.”

That was the last time George Baltic spoke with his friend, 45-year-old Heather Grimshaw.

“And that’s the last contact anybody had with her and I think he did it that night. It’s logical…she disappeared right after,” Baltic said.

Now her boyfriend—Michael Zutten—is behind bars and facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with her 2015 death.

Michael J. Zutten of Cape Coral. Mugshot via the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Hikers discovered Grimshaw’s remains in the Picayune Strand State Forest and neighbors say they had a feeling he did it.

“They were loud and you definitely knew they were home. They were always causing some kind of ruckus on the lanai and then it just got quiet and it was about four months and then one day the police came and wrapped the building with tape and said her body was found,” said neighbor Natasha Ward.

Ward lived across from the couple for a year, and says she constantly heard the two fighting.

She says after Grimshaw went missing, Zutten began acting strangely.

“He would move her car place to place and he never said anything about her,” Ward said.

Investigators say he used Grimshaw’s car to dump her body. They also found her blood inside, and plants from the murder scene.

But even before police arrested Zutten, there were several bizarre clues written on his social media pages.

He made disturbing posts on Facebook, like one about dragging a body through the woods. Despite this, Zutten’s ex-wife says it wasn’t him.

Another new clue in their troubled relationship, is that detectives say Zutten set up spy cameras and watched Grimshaw from his home computer.

On Friday, a judge ordered Zutten be held on $250,000 bond, and took his passport.

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