Things you didn’t know expire

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You check the carton of milk and bottle of salad dressing for an expiration date. But there are some little-known time stamps that you should be examining, too!

A quick look in your fridge and you’re bound to find some foods that will go bad. But you might not think to look for expiration dates on other items: like water bottles! The reason H2O has a sell-by? After a certain point, the plastic can leach into the liquid, affecting the taste and your health. Most bottled waters have a two-year timestamp. Toothpaste is another item that doesn’t last forever. Most brands have a two-year expiration date. Also, bar soaps can dry out and crack after about three years. And mascara is only good for about three months after you open it. Using it past this time could put you at risk for an eye infection. Running shoes should be replaced after 300 to 600 miles. Not doing so can up your chance for an injury. Also, the sun and your sweat can take their toll on plastic bike helmets. You should replace them every two years if you’re a serious cycler. Sunscreen loses its effectiveness after about three years. And battery parts can corrode after a while, so look for an expiration date before using.

They can save lives, but car seats also have expiration dates that are usually printed on the bottom of the seat. The reason? Exposure to heat, cold, and other elements can affect the plastic. The expiration date will depend on the manufacture date and the brand.

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