Detectives seek justice in Lake Boyz trial

Writer: Jack Lowenstein

In the ongoing trials for accused Lake Boyz gang members, there has yet to be a guilty verdict for any of the accused.  

Detectives are taking a stand against Tommy Wiliams, an accused Lake Boyz memberin Fort Myers.  

The detectives are looking for connections. Social media is one of the focuses in the ongoing investigation, as they look at how the accused Lake Boyz use social media to send messages out to their group and a rival gang known as the Tat Boyz. 

Prosecutors, as well, have paid attention to Facebook and posted pictures of accused members. Several photos of Williams and a co-defendant James Brown were shown. Brown was already acquitted in a previous court decision.  

In addition to photos, the state asked detectives how suspected members used Facebook and what unique signs and phrases the group posts. 




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