Friday after Thanksgiving is plumbers’ busiest day of the year

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Plumbers rushed around Southwest Florida Friday fixing Thanksgiving mishaps.

There was no time to go Black Friday shopping for the folks at Next Plumbing because the day after Thanksgiving happens to be their busiest day of the year.

Next Plumbing is expected to do more jobs the Friday after Thanksgiving than they do during a normal work week.

Tabitha Cole is one of the hundreds of calls taken.

“After all this Thanksgiving shenanigans of eating and everything we were cleaning up and I don’t know what happened too much paper towels, or those flushable wipes went down it was a huge clog everything started backing up,” she said.

Master plumber Billy Hamilton says these types of calls are extremely frequent right after the holiday.

“You get that high volume of usage toilets with the food down the drains, toilet paper, wipes, things that should not be going down the drain,” he said.

Hamilton explained to Cole that even if the wipes say they are flushable, they are still a risk that could clog your drains.

And Cole is grateful for Next Plumbing because before she called another company who said the job would cost thousands.

“They didn’t even look at the problem he just immediately said it looks like we’re going to have to jackhammer up the floors,” Cole said.

Instead, Next Plumbing got the job done in a few hours for a few hundred dollars.

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