Research indicates personal care products could contribute to early onset puberty

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It’s called precocious puberty, and Dr. Sureka Bollepalla with University of South Florida Health say it’s becoming more and more common.

Research indicates the age of body changes and puberty are occurring at younger ages for adolescents. The research shows personal care products are to blame for these changes. The term to describe this change is precocious puberty.

Health officials said some of the ingredients in personal care products are hormonally active. These can act like estrogen.

In an interview with WTSP, Dr. Bollepalla said wellness checkups for kids are very important and can help keep puberty at bay until they get older.

The effects of the chemicals in some of these products can affect boys and girls. In boys, the estrogen displaces some of the testosterone, which could cause a delay in some of the male signs of puberty.

“The other big concern is if they can handle it for girls,” said Dr. Sureka Bollepalla with USF Health. “If they start younger and if they start developing hair and more of a chest before their peers, it’s feeling different than everyone else. It’s important for parents to start preparing their children that changes can happen sooner.”


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