Priceless coins sits in many pockets unbeknownst to the holders

Collection of coins at the store. (Credit: WINK News)
Collection of coins at the store. (Credit: WINK News)

While rare coins may look like regular quarters, a closer look shows a ‘W.’ That letter is what distinguishes the quarter from others and many do not know they might have them in their pockets.

Mike Joyce, who owns Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry in Fort Myers, said he has always loved coins. It is the historical value that often increases in value over time.

Silver coins minted before 1964 or silver dollar before 1970 are just some of the type of coins shops like Joyce’s try to acquire.

Joyce’s store displays his vast collection. But he and other collectors fear the hobby is underappreciated.

“My kids never had much interest in it,” said Daniel Schimmel, a Fort Myers resident. “There’s less patience for stamp collecting, coin collections.”

That is why local coin shops banded together for National Coin Week, which ends Sunday.

“It’s a particularly big time this year,” Joyce said, “because the coin dealers are putting money into circulation for the national coin hunt.”

The government is dropping thousands of new rare coins into circulation this week. It is recommended to double check your pocket change as it might be worth more than face value.

Keep an eye out for Indian pennies, buffalo nickels and Eisenhower dollars.

Also, if you find on a coin that lucky letter, ‘W,’ then you may strike gold.

“Some of them have gone for close to a thousand dollars,” Joyce said. “It’s kind of cool to try and find one of them.”

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