NCH program seeks to deter drowning deaths for young kids

Reporter: Nicole Gabe
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We are in the thick of summer, which means plenty of time at the pool. But that also means more risk of drowning for kids.

“The findings that we have found thus far is just unbelievable and it is an eye-opener,” said Hope Goodwin, with Naples Community Hospital. “There is definitely going to be some policy change regarding policy of equity or local changes.”

Goodwin said drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1 to 4. However, NCH’s Safe and Healthy Children’s Drowning Coalition Project hopes to change that.

Paula Digrigoli, the director of the Safe and Healthy Children’s Drowning Coalition Project, stresses ways to deter drownings.

“Their emphases is layers of protection, which means that no one layer is going to prevent a tragedy,” Paula Digrigoli said. “The more layers, the less likely a family will go through this.”

The different layers consist of supervision, physical barriers, swimming lessons, approved life jackets and CPR training.

Margo Ben, a mother, said she had saved a child before.

“It was a scary moment,” Ben said. “But you just jump into action and you just do it and don’t think anything of it.”

While education is essential, Digrigoli wants to emphasis education, so the next time you are out with the kids do not forget to prevent, supervise and educate.

“A lot of the people that we have discussed are not aware of the law, of the alarms and baby fences,” Digrigoli said. “Those are some of the things that make us realize that makes us want to emphasize in education and we need all our partners to help continue education.”

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