Major retailers follow through with mask mandates at stores

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Many major retailers are now enacting mandates requiring customers to wear masks inside their businesses. They want shoppers to wear personal protective equipment to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Masks continue to be a hot-button issue. It’s something everyone has an opinion about.

Among big retail companies with this requirement, Walmart decided to put its money on a mask mandate, even having people they call health ambassadors stationed by the entrances to make sure people have a mask.

β€œI think it’s great because it’s helping the other people, the most at risk,” nurse Mayli Barbosa said.

But shopper Aaron Acevedo said he did not notice the new requirement.

β€œIt’s more secure, but there are still people who don’t, like, wear it,” Acevedo said.

During our visits to two Walmart locations, we noticed some shoppers not wearing a mask would enter the store. Or, once inside, shoppers would lower their masks.

“Move away from them, but that’s fine,” Acevedo said.

At Kohl’s, there are signs, hand sanitizer, and stores are also providing shoppers with masks if they don’t have one.

β€œI think a lot of people are afraid, and so I go both ways,” Shelby Kasten said. β€œI think it’s good for the ones that are afraid, but I think it’s all “hockey pock …”

Kasten is not a fan of the mask mandate, but that won’t stop her from shopping at her favorite stores.

Publix will demand its customers wear a mask beginning Tuesday. Target will mandate masks beginning Aug. 1. Winn Dixie also announced it will impose a mask mandate at its locations beginning July 27.

The big exception to all of this would be for any shoppers who have a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing one.

Retailer mask mandates

– In effect: May 4
– Exception for people under 2 and with a health condition

– In effect: July 14
– No mask? Curbside pickup, delivery, drive-thru available

Best Buy
– In effect: July 15
– Face coverings will be provided for customers who don’t have one, and small children and customers unable to wear a mask for health reasons can shop without one.
– Curbside pickup is available

Walmart and Sam’s Club
– In effect: July 20
– Signs and staff at front doors reminding people to put on face covering
– Trained health ambassadors will be stationed in stores to remind people of the rule
– Sam’ s Club will provide complimentary masks if the member doesn’t have one

– In effect: July 20
– Employees will not enforce but will ask customers to follow the rule

– In effect: July 20
– Free masks will be available at the customer service desk of every store for customers who need them

– In effect: July 21
– Signs at front and in-store announcements to remind shoppers of the rule
– Does not apply to children and people with health conditions, who are encouraged to use curbside pickup/delivery

– In effect: July 27

– In effect: July 21
– No mask? Drive-up service or
– Does not apply to people with a health condition

Home Depot
– In effect: July 22
– Small children or those who have a valid medical condition will not be required to wear a mask

– In effect: Aug. 1
– Does not apply to those with underlying medical conditions and young children
– Stores will provide disposable masks
– There will be signage and audio reminders within the stores

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