Plagued by drug shortages? There’s an online tool for that

Reporter: Lauren Sweeney
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Prescription Drugs

Gasoline and toilet paper aren’t the only things that have been in short supply this year …
Prescription drug shortages continue to plague people who rely on those drugs to live a normal, healthy life.

One man we spoke to said he couldn’t get his stomach medicine until July.

If you found yourself in a situation like this, you can check the FDA’s drug shortage tracking system.

Right now there are currently about 120 drugs listed as having a shortage.

On the website, if you type in a drug name in the database search field you can see if and why it’s in short supply. You can also see whether it is scheduled to be discontinued, and when the supply may start flowing again.

We checked the medication sulfasalazine. That’s what a viewer said he was having trouble finding pharmacies in Southwest Florida.

As it turns out, one drug maker doesn’t expect that medicine to be available until July. But there is another drug maker claiming it is available from them.

The FDA provides a phone number for the manufacturer so you can call and ask if there are any pharmacies in your area that carry it.

The best thing to do if you are having trouble finding your medication in stock at the pharmacy is to go online and search for it.

The most common reason right now for drug shortages is increased demand.

Click HERE for a link to the FDA database to search for availability.

You can also contact us HERE there if you have anything related to your health care you’d like us to investigate.

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