Rising gas prices have some people changing their routines

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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FILE: Gas pump in Southwest Florida. (Credit: WINK News)

Gas prices in Florida are at their highest rate since the summer of 2014. Right now, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.47, and those prices are expected to increase.

Some residents are changing their driving habits because of the prices. They say if the gas prices keep climbing to $3.50 or even $4, they’ll have some decisions to make.

Others say they have no choice, no matter the price. They have to get to work and get the kids to school somehow.

“I would like to travel more. But this gas prices are just ridiculous,” said Jason Rhodes who is cutting back in other places to make up for the higher gas prices. “I like to eat out a lot and whatnot, and I have to cut that down a lot because I can’t afford it.”

Rhodes is not alone. Many people on Facebook said they can no longer afford to eat out as much.

Gas went up 25 cents in the last two weeks. Groceries are up more than that. It is the same thing with Clothes. Big-ticket items are more expensive too, like cars. Then there are spikes in rent. People are at their breaking point.

Hairdresser Zara Fernandez said, “When prices like this go up, so do my prices, and just like in place everything about your industry and the hairdresser. So I mean, based on where you live, all the prices when everything inflates a price for a haircut.”

Not everyone is worried about higher prices at the pump or anywhere else.

“No, not at my age, at 75. I’m not adjusting because God knows how much time I got left. So I’m just living,” said Jay Seaton.

Why are gas prices going up so fast? AAA says tension between Russia and Ukraine is number one. Number two, the oil-producing countries are producing fewer barrels, and then there’s the cold weather nationwide, resulting in more gas being used.

The cheapest gas in Florida is in Fort Walton Beach. The average there is $3.27. The highest is in West Palm Beach, with an average of $3.60.

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