Gas prices drop to $2.38 for an hour in Fort Myers

Reporter: Jolena Esperto Writer: Paul Dolan
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Gas prices dropped to $2.38 for an hour in Fort Myers on Thursday. (CREDIT: WINK News)

For one hour on Thursday, drivers enjoyed paying $2.38 per gallon for gas in Fort Myers. While prices have dropped recently, they were even lower a year ago.

A Sunoco gas station located at 2241 Park 82 Drive dropped the price for a gallon of gas to $2.38. Some drivers who saw the deal thought it was too good to drive by. Catherine Finning says  the deal definitely took a burden off her shoulders, given prices rising in a variety of areas.

“It costs so much to go anywhere—I don’t visit family anymore because gas is so high, so I don’t see them,” said Finning.

AAA says the state average for a gallon of gas is $3.70, but last year that number was a little over $3. On Thursday, a political group partnered with a Fort Myers gas station to bring the price under $3.

“My son is struggling just to get back and forth to work and I worry about him and his finances and how his life is going just as well as mine,” said Finning.

Ken Skirka may have wanted the deal on gas prices more than anyone else.

“Wouldn’t have gone out of my way if it didn’t make me happy,” said Skirka. Skirka was the first one in the line of cars that started gathering. “I went an hour early and I was the first in line,” said Skirka.

Instead of filling his stomach, Jorge Quinones used his lunch break at work to fill up his car.

“My account is lower than normal, so it’s perfect timing that I can fill up for cheap,” said Quinones.

“It feels great to get some kind of break in this life we are living,” said Finning.

Drivers hope they’ll see that $2.38 for real again really soon. AAA reports the national average price of gas fell below $4 a gallon on Thursday for the first time since March.

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