Collier County mobile home community gets its 4th FEMA trailer

Reporter: Rachel Cox-Rosen Writer: Matthew Seaver
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A fourth FEMA trailer arrived in a Naples community on Wednesday. There were already three trailers at the Par 4 Mobile Home Community.

The trailers will go to seniors who can live in the 55+ community. The property manager, James Gaughan, said he was determined to help seniors displaced after Hurricane Ian.

With the arrival of the fourth trailer, Gaughan will soon be able to do that for four families or individuals.

The new trailer is a two-bed, two-bath unit. The other three are one-bedroom, one-bath. We don’t know exactly who will move into these trailers yet or when. That’s up to FEMA, but Gaughan is excited to do his part to help Collier County recover.

“It’s great, it’s wonderful. You have no idea you know these people they are seniors we are a senior community they lost everything they’re living in shelters they’re living in hotels they’re sleeping on peoples couches, floors. I’ve heard all the stories. It’s horrible, and the little bit we could do, it’s only four homes. I wish we could do more,” said Gaughan.

Gaughan said this has been a long time coming. “My maintenance worker called me and said, ‘Jimmy, there’s a guy in the park. I don’t know who it is,’ so I said, ‘let me go ask,’ and it happened to be a FEMA guy. His name is Tim, and he was scouting out locations where they could put FEMA trailers. I expressed my interest over the last three months. I went from one connection to another connection. It just snowballed from there.”

The property manager describes this as a welcoming community eager to help fellow seniors displaced in the hurricane.

FEMA will pay the rent for whoever ends up living in these trailers. Tenants will just have to cover the FPL bill.

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