State Senate passes law change for DeSantis’ potential presidential run

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A move that would clear the way for a DeSantis presidential campaign passes the Florida Senate. The state has a “resign to run” law requiring any state officeholder qualifying for federal public office to step down.

If Gov. Ron DeSantis decides to run for the White House, he can. But, by December, he would have to either drop out and finish his term as governor or stay in the race, knowing regardless of the result, he wouldn’t be the governor of Florida after Jan. 20, 2025.

That’s why the Republican-dominated state legislature is ready to change the law so if DeSantis runs and loses, he can remain the governor.

Many Floridians have considered whether DeSantis can be the governor of Florida and run for president.

“I think he needs to focus on what’s happening here in Florida,” said Fort Myers resident Cheryl Prater.

Prater believes DeSantis ought to focus on Florida full-time. Nevertheless, it seems like a majority of the state’s legislature will clear the way for the governor to divide his attention. The explanation seems to be based on changing the language in Florida’s resign to run law.

“Florida has a resign to run law, which means that if you are in one office, and you are going to run for another, that would overlap with your current term, that you have to sign a letter that says you’re going to resign the current office,” political scientist Aubrey Jewett said.

Jewett told WINK News the new language would make it clear that you would not need to resign to run for president or vice president.

“It’s our job as a legislature to clarify any sort of murky areas of the law. And that’s what we’re seeking to do,”said State Rep. Spencer Roach.

Roach, who represents DeSoto and parts of Charlotte and Lee counties, told WINK News he will vote yes if the bill reaches the House.

The Florida Senate took up the measure on Wednesday, and their debate revolved around one question.

“Wasn’t it for a reason that we want people to focus on their current job?” said Sen. Polsky.

“I just think when you run for federal office, or when you run for national office, president or vice president, it should be clear that you should not have to resign to run,” said Sen. Hudson.

The state changed the resign to law once in 2007, when Charlie Crist was on the shortlist to be on the ticket with then-presidential candidate John McCain.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Florida Senate passed the measure, which means it’s off to the House next, where it is also expected to pass.

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