Two kittens found in a bag on the side of the road in Collier County

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Two kittens are safe after getting thrown out in a plastic bag as if they were trash. Good samaritans in Golden Gate Estates noticed the bag moving and stopped to check it out.

The kittens could have been approaching heat-stroke when they were rescued.

There haven’t been any arrests, and law enforcement is left without any suspects. It’s possible there won’t even be a search for those responsible. That’s because the Collier Animal Services didn’t call the Collier County Sheriff’s Office since they have nothing to go off of.

Nobody saw the car or whoever left both kittens in the bag.

The good news is that someone found the kittens before they died or were hurt.

Helpless two-week-old kittens ought to be with their mother. But the kittens left for dead in a plastic bag were alone in the world before getting saved.

“Good Samaritans were driving down Everglades Boulevard, and they just kind of happened to see this bag at the side of the road bag is moving, and they thought that’s suspicious,” Heather Carr a SNIP volunteer said.

Carr posted the kittens’ story on Facebook, grateful to the man who saw something, stopped, and saved the kittens. Carr wrote that the kittens, “were extremely overheated and on their way to heatstroke.”

After the man found the kittens he took them to Collier County Domestic Animal Services.

“We reached out to different organizations to see if they’re able to have foster families for them or take them in, or if we have foster families for them,” Marcy Perry, the director of the Collier County Domestic Animal Services said.

The kittens, named Brandy and Thomas, are safe in the care of a foster home.

While this had a positive outcome, Tom Kupp with SNIP Collier Veterinary Services told WINK News that many similar ones don’t.

“For the last 15 years that I’ve been doing this 20 almost… there’s no enforcement,” Kupp said.

Kupp showed WINK News hundreds of pages of animal neglect and cruelty cases.

“It’s like where’s the prevention? And we don’t have it,” Kupp said.

But the solution is far away if people continue to get away with this.

“We could solve this problem because everybody’s out rescue and everybody’s spay and neuter and neutering. But there’s only one organization that can enforce our ordinances. And that’s domestic animal services,” Kupp said.

Keep in mind domestic animal services just can’t say investigate a crime without witnesses or evidence pointing to someone dumping the kittens. There are resources available if you can no longer keep an animal.

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